Handsaeme Machinery - Edging and finishing carpets with sewing machines

Handsaeme Machinery Edge finishing

Our edge finishing machines mainly focus on the finishing of woven and tufted carpets. After cutting, the edges of the carpets have to be finished (both in the longitudinal direction and in the transversal direction). This can be done in different ways: an edge can be sewn to the carpet (overedging or sewing); with or without extra fringes, or the edge of the carpet can be folded and glued.

Our machines are either designed for one single operation (possibly integrated in an existing line) or we can design a full finishing line were different machines are put in line for a totally automated process. The customer decides the degree of automation, so all machines are available in fully automatic and semi-automatic version.

The carpet edge finishing machines have been one of the cornerstones of our expertise for years. Again, no machine is 100% standard: we start from a basic model with different options, making it unique and custom-made machines.

Handsaeme edge finishing machines

  • Increases the quality of the carpet, resulting in longer carpet life and greater customer satisfaction
  • Various techniques possible
  • Automation degree in function of available budget