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Automated tuft creels

Automated tuft creels

Automated tufting creels of Handsaeme Machinery

↪ For the production of tufted carpets and artificial grass carpets

  • Greater return on investment than traditional creel constructions: possibility to work with multiple levels
  • Per level the bobbins are changed by 1 robot (within 15 to 30 minutes without operator)
  • The operator is only needed to arrange in- and outfeed of complete pallets of bobbins with forklift and to splice the yarn
  • Equipped with rails on which trains go in and out of the creels, so that the bobbins can be set up and removed at one location
  • Automation with robots is simplified and there is only one location where pallets are delivered and evacuated
  • Modular construction build in the same space as your classic creels and therefore quick and easy installation
  • Special provision to prevent run off from of the bobbins