Handsaeme Machinery - Industrial C&C-I roller
Industrial C&C-I roller

Industrial C&C-I roller

Advanced and unique carpet roll system

'Centerless' and 'Cardboard tube' roller 

  • New full automatic and unique carpet roll system (patented)
  • Synonymous for fully automated centerless rolling, with or without cardboard tube
  • Straight and compact rolling without telescopic end due to continuous side alignment during rolling process
  • Machine is suitable for larger carpets (up to 4m useful width, max diameter 40 cm) and for industrial production of woven and tufted carpets
  • Automated packing options with stretch film, belly band or full-size packing
  • Automatic output of the carpet roll 
  • Very suitable to integrate into a continuous production line


➠ Our C&C-I type rolling machine is the winding solution that allows to form rolls having a small inner and a large outer diameter, as well as uniformly wound windings and even end face