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Laser & digital cutting systems

Laser & digital cutting systems

For precise cutting of all types of carpets, clothing and technical textiles

In addition to being a manufacturer of cutting machines, Handsaeme is also distributor of laser and digital cutting systems. Due to the high precision this technique is very suitable for processing textiles. Both for cutting and high-quality finishing of carpets, carpet tiles, (door) mats as well as for technical materials such as eg. insulation material, filter cloths and heat-resistant fabrics you can rely on computer-controlled cutting solutions. In addition, we also provide custom made equipment for the automatic infeed and outfeed of the material, as well as rolling systems.


The great advantages of cutting with a laser beam & digital cutting with a rotating knife:


  • Flexible production process
  • Contactless processing 
  • Neat cutting, no frayed sides so no finishing needed
  • Constant cutting quality
  • Possible to cut small radius and fine design
  • Engraving, notching and marking possibilities


  • Flexibility and high speed cutting
  • Multi layer & thick material cutting possibilities
  • Multi-head tooling for cutting, milling, engraving, punching/ notching & marking
  • Minimal wear on cutting tool & easy to change