Handsaeme Machinery - Machine to make the perfect artificial grass coupons

Cutting grass carpet into coupons to the size of the garden


Tufted turf

Grass carpet is in most cases produced just like tufted carpet and also foreseen of a backing. After production, this comes out of the machine as 1 very large and wide carpet and must therefore still be cut to size.

Handsaeme Machinery has many years of experience in the processing of (woven and tufted) carpet. Artificial grass largely requires the same production and finishing techniques for cutting, rolling and packing. Here we make a differentiation in machines for 

a) distributors and landscapers
b) artifical grass manufacturerers 


Artifical grass coupons on a roll

Artificial grass carpet is sold in coupons or, in other words, in mats of a specific size. In order to obtain these smaller dimensions, the large basic carpet, we actually speak of a mother roll, must be cut both in length and width. This can be done in 1 cycle on our machines, which saves a lot of time.

Crosscutting and longitudinal cutting

A large roll of artificial grass is always first cut to length by a cross-cutting blade. The length on a roll of artificial grass can vary, but is usually around 20 to 25m. The length of the carpet on the roll also has a direct relationship with the maximum diameter of the end roll, which in turn depends on the pile height. The maximum possible diameter of the mother roll is 800 mm. This large diameter also has an impact on the end user, because the larger the roll, the heavier. These are of course less easy to move and unroll. No one will envy gardeners and distributors of decorative artificial grass carpet who have to carry around 300 to 500 kg rolls every day.

Distribution centers of artificial grass, artificial grass installation companies and landscaping companies therefore certainly benefit from a machine that supports and facilitates the physically demanding coupon production process.

Machines for producers versus distributors

So we have all the expertise in house to build a machine to make the perfect artificial grass coupons for carpet distribution centers with smaller volumes, as wel as for manufacturers with industrial quantities to handle. 

a) HM Easycut; a professional type couponing machine 

Our sales and engineering team have studied the needs in the market and developed the HM Easycut E1 in response; a professional type couponing machine to make ready-to-sell and ready-to-use rolls of (artificial grass) carpet. The technology for this is based on our industrial installations for the processing of tufted (artificial grass) carpet by the manufacturers.


As standard, the 'mother rolls' are 4.2m (or in exceptional cases 5.2m) wide and can be cut into narrower, easily manageable strips of e.g. 2 m can be cut on the longitudinal cutting part of the machine. This is not always necessary for landscaping professionals, as they often just need to cut the grass to length or make small cuts with hand tools to finish the corners instead of splitting big rolls. The HM Easycut machine is standard equipped with a cross-cutting blade to cut the cross-cutting blade from the mother roll.


Unlike the name suggests, the HM Easycut has also a rolling module with pre-programmated recipes for compensating the carpet pile working and making compact rolls. The roll is then manually closed with a stretch film.



b) Industrial machinery for manufacturers 

Industrial lines for making coupons are another segment in the 'fake grass industry' were we deliver highly efficient machines for automatic length- & crosscutting of (grass) carpet in one automatic cycle. 

These industrial types of machines are placed in artifical grass production sites and handle the grass carpet to be ready to get delivered at retailers and distributors in ready-to-sell rolls or coupons. 

Several concepts and configurations are possible - depending on the needs of the production. There are more automation possibilities by adding different options for infeed and unrolling; rolling and winding; packing and outfeed or internal transportation. 



Cutting grass carpet into coupons to the size of the garden