Handsaeme Machinery - HM EASYCUT E1 for cutting and rolling coupons


Machine for cutting and rolling coupons of artificial turf and tufted carpet

Unroll mother roll, cut on length based on pre-set length and reroll the cut length

  • Semi-automatic unit (4.2m usable width)
  • The carpet is put automatically around the cardboard tube so only 1 operator needed
  • Professional cross and length cutting system
    • To cut carpet at length
    • To cut carpet into stripes or cut the self-edges
  • This unit is equipped with several features to roll perfectly straight rolls (pile inside or outside)
    • Side steering 
    • Transport table between unroller and cutting/rolling area
  • Programmable parameter for compact end rolls 
    • Easy to control with push buttons and intuitive touch screen


✓ Suitable for production of grass carpet coupons for garden professionals