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Handsaeme Machinery Rolling

Your ultimate goal is a perfectly rolled carpet. This is quite a challenge due to the pile working effect. The rolling machines from Handsaeme Machinery are especially designed to meet this challenge. Edge steering can be foreseen on all our rolling machines to avoid telescoping.

Our rolling solutions are suitable for various materials: Tufted and woven carpet, artificial grass, furnishing fabrics.

Our range also includes various specialized rolling machines:

  • rollers with a tension curve
  • rollers with a pressure roll for tufted grass carpet
  • rolling machines with 3 rollers
  • rollers for wall to wall carpets and runners
  • unrolling devices are among our specialties.

In order to preserve the quality and strength of the perfectly rolled carpet roll, an extra action is required to close the roll. This can be done with a stretch foil, tape, wide plastic band, paper band, and with or without a folder rolled underneath.

Benefits rolling machines

  • Straight rolling, without telescoping by means of side steering
  • Roll up with or without cardboard tube
  • Roll up with pile inside or outside