Handsaeme Machinery - Transport equipment and constructions

Handsaeme Machinery Transport

What would automation mean if there is no uninterrupted connection and / or buffer between the various lines and machines in the production and finishing process of the carpets?

Handsaeme Machinery provides all sorts of constructions for efficient connection between the different machines around the finishing lines: conveyor belts, buffer belts, J-boxes, accumulators, ... This makes the finishing process faster, more efficient, easier and requires fewer workers.

But even after the carpets are completely finished, rolled up and possibly packed, we can build automated systems for internal transport such as elevators, box filling or stacking and sorting systems.

Benefits Transport equipment

  • Efficient transport between the production and finishing lines
  • Buffer bands, accelerators, J-boxes, accumulators ... a wide range of possibilities
  • Cost-saving stacking