Handsaeme Machinery - Production line for making sandwich panels
Production line for making sandwich panels*

Production line for making sandwich panels*

Fully automatic production line for lightweight sandwich panels with the known honeycomb composition

  • The machines in the line are designed in such a way that they have a wide process range (both geometry and process parameters). This allows the customer to develop a wide range of own new products
  • Possibility to laminate felt on the top and bottom of the panel
  • The line can deliver panels to the desired size by using the cutting systems that operate "on the fly" (= no downtime)
  • All residual material is also processed back into granulate by our specifically developed granulators to be used again as a basic product in the production of Thermhex material via extrusion.

* Panel production is based on EconCore technology and available for licensing (see www.EconCore.com for more information)