Handsaeme Machinery - Onze geschiedenis




Gaston Handsaeme opens the doors of "Workhouses Handsaeme" in Izegem. Evolution of brush machines to supplier of machines for the shoe industry. 


Sons Ferdinand and Roland follow in their father's footsteps and further develop the company.


Moving to Abelestraat


A first expansion of the production hall is done: extra hall of 1050m²


Roland Handsaeme comes alone at the head of the company. Carpet industry (tuft) and special machine building (e.g. fairground attractions) are the core activities.


Olivier Handsaeme, Rolands son, starts as product manager: emergence of the PLC control (Programmable Logic Controller) for automating all kinds of machines     

  • in the carpet industry (cutting machines, confectioners, roll- and packing machines, punching machines, ...);
  • in the technical textile industry (folding machines, laminating machines, wrappers, padding machines for mattress covers, ...).


An extra production hall of 1250m² is the next step in the expansion of the production site 


Based on technology developed together with EconCore a new sector is being tapped into and lines are being developed for the production of lightweight sandwich panels


A new market is being exploited: machine for the timber industry (together with Stanley Bostitch: machines for the production of garden screens, frames for saunas, ...)


After 21 years of leadership Roland Handsaeme passes the leadership to his son Olivier Handsaeme.


Handsaeme Machinery expands its buildings by 1,050m². Also additional offices and a brand new showroom are build.


Expansion of the production hall, renovation of the parking & surroundings and installation of solar panels on the roof to foresee in our own energy supply.