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Our values

Our values

We always lean on 3 pillars through all our projects:

  • Innovation
  • Flexibility & customization
  • Safety & ease of use

At Handsaeme Machinery there are no restrictions on concept development or design; we discuss the design options and the associated budgets together with you. Our engineers, your project leaders, are in constant consultation with the customer during the design process.


Our goal is to develop qualitative innovative machines for automating your production line.



Handsaeme Machinery wishes to be a strong company on the international market for innovative solutions in machine building where innovation, ease of use and safety are central.

We always strive to apply the most advanced techniques and technologies. In this way we contribute to a long-term relationship with our customers, employees (our Einsteins) and suppliers.

Handsaeme Machinery is not only a machine builder, but a full-fledged long-term partner for your automation plans!