Handsaeme Machinery - Cutting textiles

Handsaeme Machinery Cutting

Cutting technical textiles 

Our cutting machines for the (technical) textile industry cut the material to the desired length and / or width (or in the correct shape) before they are further processed. Our cutting solutions are suitable for various technical materials such as textile, PVC, fiberglass, felt, polyester, rubber, insulation,  ...

Depending on the material to be cut, a specific technique is used to achieve optimal results: pressure knife (cutting press), fixed knife, hydraulic scissors, laser or digtal cutting, ultrasonic cutting head or welding wire. 

A cutting machine can work on its own, but can also be part of a larger production line for automated further processing of the textile: rolling, packing, etc.

Benefits Cutting machine

  • Various cutting techniques for different techical fabrics
  • Neat cutting edge without unraveling
  • In case of driven cutting systems, different steering options