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Types of technical textiles


We are your partner for any sort of technical textile to be processed after production

The last years we have developed a wide range of machinery to handle a great variety of technical textiles, foils and fabrics, either woven, non woven or knitted.

  • Agrotextiles - technical fabrics used in the agricultural, horticultural, gardening, construction and landscaping industries (anti root fabric, pond foil, …)
  • Geotextiles - synthetic and permeable materials used in (civil) construction projects to improve soil characteristics (foils, membranes, ...)
  • Industrial Textiles - all types of fleece, canvas, membranes, cloths and the like used in industrial situations and manufacturing settings, again for their technical properties in processing like filtering, cleaning, isolating, transporting, ...
  • Household Textiles & artifical grass - this goes from curtains and wall coverings, to mattresses and safety apparel
  • Carpet Backings - the primary backing of carpets is often a woven or non-woven technical fabric on which the yarns are tufted.


Demanding products need adjusted handling equipment 

The vast group of textile products need to be handled very carefully to assure they keep all their specific assets and qualities. Our engineers work out solutions that are tailored to handle these strong yet delicate products. They think out en re-engineer if necessary the best ways to keep the correct tension on the cloth, so that it doesn't get wrinkled or folded while unrolling or rerolling, or that the material doesn't unravel after cutting, etc. 

We are specialized in automation of handling (rolls of) technical textiles: cutting, folding, welding, inspecting, (un)rolling and/or packing and palletizing. Each handling activity comes with its own difficulties and troubles, but we offer solutions based on our knowledge and experience and also on innovative ideas by thinking out of the box. 


➠  Do your experience bottlenecks in your production? Contact Jonas, your advisor for technical textile machinery

Do your experience bottlenecks in your production? Contact Jonas, our sales advisor for technical textiles, to discuss your issue.

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Types of technical textiles