Handsaeme Machinery - Packaging

Handsaeme Machinery Packaging

For the packaging of textile rolls, we have different possibilites which vary according the needs of the customer and the specifications of the products.


We can build smaller and less sophisticated packaging stations (which are also possible as a stand alone version), but we can also design a complete automatic packaging section to be integrated in a bigger textile processing line. Our textile packaging solutions are based on the same working  concepts as used in the carpet section, being:

  • Roll in packaging
  • Push in packaging
  • Shrink foil packaging

If the carpet roll is completely wrapped with a plastic foil, there are also various possibilities for closing the sides of the roll: ultrasonic welding, flat welding or shrinking.

In addition, a label can also be added under the foil. We also make systems for the further handling of the packed rolls (transporting, sorting, stacking, etc.).


  • Packaging the roll for storage or sales preparation
  • Full packaging for optimal protection of your carpet
  • Possibility to apply label, stack or place in boxes