Handsaeme Machinery - Unrolling mother rolls and input in processing line

Handsaeme Machinery Unrolling

The start of processing of technical textiles can be done in an automated way on a roll-off system, but we also produce more simple unwinders (A-frames) to start rolling semi-automatically or manually.

Our unwinding machines are suitable for PVC, rubber, non-woven, but also for other raw and technical materials such as plastic film, paper or (technical) fabrics. 

At Handsaeme Machinery, our unrolling systems are 100% tailor-made. This way we can also offer you a solution to expand your existing production line. In addition to automated machines, with or without adjustable speed or tension, we also build simple constructions to unroll material. In our many years of experience, we have already built a wide range of unwinding machines, so that we can offer you various options to perfectly meet your needs and this within your predetermined budget.

Benefits Unwinders

  • Various modular options can be combined like axial and tangential unrolling with or without sidesteering
  • Sensor application according the specific material
  • Shaped to fit in your existing production line