Handsaeme Machinery - 9 reasons to choose our HM-FRAM machine for prefabricated frame and panel construction

9 reasons to choose our HM-FRAM machine for prefabricated frame and panel construction


With the Handsaeme HM-FRAM you can build prefabricated houses faster. Discover 9 more advantages for you:

#1 Lean production

For efficient and cost-saving production of construction elements and structures for prefabricated houses, the best way is to adopt new technologies. By using innovative methods for offsite and automated construction, the effectiveness of production will grow as the speed and quality increases by lean processes.

Handsaeme Machinery is your partner to develop the best streamlined production line for manufactured housing panels.


#2 Controlled factory quality

Traditional building methods are based on manual labour, and thus inseparable from human flaws which can lead to faults or deviations (eg. fastener distance). An automatic PLC driven wood fastening process gives always the exact same result. Therefor much smaller tolerances are possible, resulting in higher quality standards. Correspondingly, features like fastener detection facilitate the inspection process for the operators.

#3 Custom housing designs yet mass produced

Our software is compatible with most 2D and 3D CAD programs used for the design of prefabricated houses. As each drawing is automatically converted to a machine process program, it is possible that the designs, dimensions and places for openings like windows or doors differ from each other in each project and yet they are produced on a lean mass production line that is also suitable for smaller batches.

#4 Unaffected by weather conditions

Weather conditions are one of the factors with a major impact on the speed of the building process as they tend to be responsible for most of the delay in the construction schedule. When building the elements on an indoor production line, work is scheduled for specific times, even at night or during severe weather, but without negative impact on the timing and progress.


#5 Dust free workshop

As you build the modules in your factory or workshop and no longer on the construction site, the dust entangled with construction and housebuilding, must not be a reason not to choose for indoor panel construction. Our HM-FRAM machine is standard foreseen with dust suction to keep the working environment clean and healthy.

#6 Compact machine model for smaller workplaces

Start small – grow big. Even if your workshop is not a big production hall you can start with automated offsite construction with a HM-FRAM COMPACT which is adapted to smaller production units with limited available space. It is possible to start with 1 station and later add more stations as the need for a bigger production line grows.

#7 Easy control for operator

Next to automatic input of the fastening pattern from the 3D design program, the operator can control the machine via handy touchscreen (22 inch) and very user-friendly inhouse developed control software.

#8 Safer and ergonomic working conditions

The HM-FRAM is foreseen with an ergonomic workstation for the operator where the physical labour of feeding the wood is machinated and the discomfort of the heavy loads is reduced, resulting in a safer and more efficient process.

#9 Insulated construction panels ready to start building

Our HM-FRAM concept is a modular system that can be upgraded with optional modules to add more automated tasks to the wood processing process. Possibilities are a blowing installation, an unwinding system and special stapling tool to fix insulation to the building elements.

Offsite production facilitates a better planning and a better execution, which is beneficial for the overall timing and quality of the building project.


9 reasons to choose our HM-FRAM machine for  prefabricated frame and panel construction