Handsaeme Machinery - BOS-VR: operator in cooperation with robot

BOS-VR: operator in cooperation with robot


The BOS-V upgraded

We are proud of our upgraded robotised concept for the wood working sector: the BOS-VR. The double sided work table under angle with a complete nailing/staple/screw bridge, one operator and his robotic co-worker can work together to produce the pallets & crates.

The operator feeds the wood into the first workstation. The bridge with the fastening tools moves over the second workstation on the other side of the table and nails it. After nailing, the robot takes out the product and stacks it. While the workstations rotate and switch sides , the operator can reload the first workstation.

The cooperation between man and machine therefore not only significantly accelerates the production process, but at the same time also makes the heavy work of the operator easier.


BOS-VR: operator in cooperation with robot