Handsaeme Machinery - BOS-FRAM-H-ROBOT - Production line wooden patio frames - Handsaeme Machinery


Machine for automatic fabrication of timber frames for terraces (up to 4,5m)

  • Continuous production proces and only 1 operator needed 
  • Line consists of a machine for producing the frames BOS-FRAM and a unit for fastening the boards to the frames
    • Because the BOS-FRAM places the frame in the correct position, the operator is greatly relieved
    • After fastening the beams and crossbars of the frame, it is taken to the next station (BOS-H).
    • A robot programmed in-house by Handsaeme Machinery, places the top boards on the frame, takes the frame away from the workstation and stacks it in the provided storage space


Production line for wooden patio frames