Handsaeme Machinery - Building prefabricated walls indoors - HM-FRAM - Handsaeme Machinery


Prefab elements for construction are built indoors

  • Automatic system to produce walls for modular homes in a more efficient way
  • Separate production units forming 1 automated production line for building elements:
    • Sawing and milling machines to cut apertures for doors, windows, sockets, etc. in plasterboard and OSB sheeting
    • Screwing stations were the prepared sheeting is fastened to the steel frames completely automatical by an operator selected program
    • Inkt jet module to print relevant data to the prefab wall
  • Safer working environment: fencing around the complete work space, plexi covers  around moving parts and state-of-the art light curtain safety


Suitable for  building prefabricated building elements indoors