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From fences to shed panels, manufacturing components for garden products with ease. Our versatile fastening machines tackle a variety of wood projects with speed and precision.

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streamline fence and shed panel production with Handsaeme's automated solutions

Are you a fencing or shed panel manufacturer seeking to improve your production, with reduced reliance on labour? Look no further than Handsaeme Machinery, your trusted partner for cutting-edge automated fastening solutions.

Say goodbye to manual assembly’s slow pace and inconsistencies and embrace the efficiency and quality that our innovative machines deliver.

Fastener placement and insertion is delivered to new levels of accuracy, producing a high quality and visually flawless finished product. Our automated solutions have the flexibility to cater for different types of fence and shed panels used across different regions and market, such as feather edge, hit and miss, slatted and many more.

our automated fencing and shed panel solutions:

HM-FENCE: the economical choice for semi-automatic production of fencing and garden screens.

HM-PAN: efficiently produce flat or rounded cladding panels for sheds and other garden structures.

HM-H & HM-W: flexible solutions for diverse fencing and shed panel needs, offering interchangeable drawers and ergonomic designs.

HM-ROBOT: unleash high-volume production with our fully automated, continuous-feed solution.



Add our optional turning accessory to the main production, removing yet another traditionally operator-lead process.


Can be added to any of our main machines, for automatic stacking of the finished items next to the machine.


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