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With over 40 years of experience and expertise in the carpet and textile industry, Handsaeme is the expert partner you need for automatic solutions.

From artifical turf to non-woven technical textiles and carpets, Handsaeme has the knowledge and capability to assist you with your next automation project.

All machinery is custom-built to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

From sales and design to fabrication and start-up, every step is handled in-house by the dedicated Handsaeme team.

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Find answers to common questions about our company and types of solutions here in this section.

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We have solutions for tufted and woven carpet. From flatwoven to longpile shaggy tuft carpets. All machines are made to accomodate the product of the customer

Yes, our end of lines have a modular design. If needed and wanted an edge cutter can be integrated into the end of line. This is of course not a must, as not all products have to be trimmed. The edges can also be trimmed on a stand-alone cutting line.

Multiple options are available to integrate into you project. For edges, the standard round, driven knife and counterknife can be used. These knives are designed and prodused by Handsaeme and have good self-grinding and self-adjusting charachteristics. For slitting, steady knives or single driven round knives can be integrated. For some products an ultrasonic solution can be better, these can also be integrated into the solution you choose. Ofcourse other non-standard options can be integrated as well.

All machines are designed, fabricated and tested in Izegem Belgium. Handsaeme is completely integrated, every step of the process is done inhouse within our own team.
From sales to engineering and testing, the Handsaeme team will support the project every step of the way.

No, we offer fully-automatic as well as semi-automatic solutions. For some products or factories, a semi-automatic solution might be the better option.

No, you can basically say we provide all equipment next to the production equipment itself. Meaning, we don't offer tufting and coating machines. However we do offer the in- and outfeed equipment for these production machines. So if you're looking for a more automatic or updated in- and outfeed for your production line, feel free to contact us!

Take a look on our contact page. There you will find who's responsible for the sector and region corresponding to your question. If you don't find an agent for the region you are in, simply contact the sales manager for the entire sector and he'll make sure you'll be contacted by the correct person.

Yes, the standard design is a confection line that integrates overlocking of the long side, cross cutting and finishing of the short side. However these machines can also be made as stand-alone units when this better fits the flow of the company in question.

The standard winder that will be used in a non-woven end of line is a surface winder with pressure roll. These can be made automatic (automatic start and cross-cut) or semi-automatic. Of course, lots of different winders can be integrated depending the product and the needs of the customer. for example a center driven surface winder, surface winder without pressure roll,... the options are endless.

Our auxiliary equipment is made to fit your tuftmachine. We design and build the equipment based on the tuftmachine you have bought. Knowing that each factory is different, the space for the equipment can be smaller. In these cases the equipment will be modified to fit the space in front and after your tuftmachine. All equipment is also tried and tested with all possible tuftmachines on the market. (Cobble/Vandewiele, Tuftco and CMC) All equipment can be provided in 2, 4 or 5 m.

Yes, our winders can be adjusted to the centerheight and beltwidth of the existing confection line. As long as we have the necessary communication with the line, we can integrate our machine into an other line.

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