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In addition to our expertise in the carpet, technical textiles, and wood sectors, we can also design complete automation projects in various other industrial domains.

Our custom made automation solutions are designed to transform your operations. We can streamline processes, boost productivity, and ultimately drive your company’s growth. Whether your goals are efficiency gains, cost reduction, or improved quality, Handsaeme is your partner for success.

From packaging and transportation to inspection and processing, we offer you a comprehensive package of services and expertise to take your productivity to the next level.

custom made automation solutions by Handsaeme

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connecting production zones

Tilting machine placed in an internal transport line to rotate fiberglass building panels 180° before they are fed to the sawing machine. Our engineers had special attention for the grippers as the innovative fibre panels must not get damaged during the proces.


sanding wooden plates and cutting into form in 1 line

Transforming raw wood sheets into flawless panels under supervision of 1 operator for quality control. Handsaeme was responsible for the transit transport between the various machines and took care of the integration of the whole.


assembly station for awnings

We optimised the awning production for our customer with our automated assembly and inspection table. With manual assembly at the front and automatic inspection at the back, our machine ensures efficiency and precision, but foremost the operators are releaved from heavy lifting.

custom made automation solutions by Handsaeme

stacker for cardboard tubes

Palletizer to automate the stacking and strapping of cardboard tubes in layers onto pallets across two zones, enabling operators to safely manage pallet removal while the machine continues stacking. Next to a safer working environment, the goal was to optimize the packing for efficient distribution.


bricklaying robot builds houses faster then humans

Automated system for classic house building elimines the need for scaffolding as the robot effortlessly places the bricks for both inner and outer walls up to 6m high. Our robot precisely handles mason bricks according to a pre-set program, minimizing physical strain on operators and cutting significantly in construction time.

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We’re excited to announce our latest initiatives focused on promoting green energy and sustainability within our company.


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