why handsaeme?

We believe in the power of experience


For almost 90 years, Handsaeme has been the trusted partner for businesses seeking to push the boundaries of machine building. We don’t just build machines – we engineer success stories.


Our interdisciplinary team, with its collective expertise and guided by the most advanced techniques and technologies, navigates the complexity  of modern machine building seamlessly to deliver the solution that will revolutionize your production process.


Build the machines of tomorrow, today. Partner with Handsaeme and harness the power of specialized knowledge and a collaborative approach.

what sets us apart is our ‘expert team’ mentality


Our journey in machine building since 1935 in diverse industries has provided us with extensive knowledge, enabling us to deliver unique automation solutions. With each machine we have build, we’ve sharpened our skills and refined our understanding of the complexities that production environments present.

Encompassing every aspect from sales to start-up, our integrated approach includes design, production, assembly and programming, ensuring swift and efficient execution.

Guided by an open-minded engineering philosophy we engineer out-of-the-box solutions, actively listening to your needs. We go beyond merely delivering products; we actively collaborate with the customer to achieve an economically viable end result.

our mission

At Handsaeme Machinery, our mission is to design, engineer, and deliver innovative and reliable automation solutions that empower industries to optimize productivity, efficiency, and safety. We are proud to uphold an integrated approach, managing nearly every aspect of the production process within our walls. Our commitment to excellence extends from initial concept to final delivery, ensuring that every machine we create is built with precision and care.

We work hard to go above and beyond what our customers expect. With our skilled team and years of experience, we’re focused on providing the best suited solutions. We build relationships based on trust and mutual success, aiming to make a positive difference for our customers, our team, and our parners. Our goal is to be the best in making machines.

our vision

Our vision is to be recognized as the premier global leader in machine building, setting the standard for innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. We envision a future where our cutting-edge machines revolutionize industries, driving progress, sustainability, and prosperity worldwide. We’re committed to using our expertise and experience to make a lasting difference. By constantly applying the latest techniques and technologies, we build long-term relationships with our customers, employees (whom we see as our Einsteins), and suppliers, ensuring mutual success and growth.




Due to the increasing number of installations of robots in recent years and the strong collaboration with KUKA, we are certified as an “Official KUKA System Partner”.


As pioneers in innovation, we bought our first 3D printer. This investment in additive manufacturing technology represents a significant leap forward in our capabilities for producing our machine parts.


Expansion of the production hall, renovation of the parking & surroundings and installation of solar panels on the roof to foresee in our own energy supply.


Handsaeme Machinery expands its buildings by 1,050m². Also additional offices and a brand new showroom are build.


After 21 years of leadership Roland Handsaeme passes the leadership to his son Olivier Handsaeme.


A new market is being exploited: machines for the timber industry for example for the production pallets, garden screens, frames for saunas, …


Based on technology developed together with EconCore a new sector is being tapped into and lines are being developed for the production of lightweight sandwich panels.


Olivier Handsaeme, Roland’s son, starts as product manager: Emergence of the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) for automating all kinds of machinery.


An extra production hall of 1250m² is the next step in the expansion of the production site.


Roland Handsaeme comes alone at the head of the company. Carpet industry (tuft) and special machine building (e.g. fairground attractions) become the core activities.


A first expansion of the production hall is done: extra hall of 1050m²


Moving to the Abelestraat, our current location.


Sons Ferdinand and Roland follow in their father’s footsteps and further develop the company.


Gaston Handsaeme starts “Werkhuizen Handsaeme” in Izegem. Evolution of brush machines to supplier of machines for the shoe industry.

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