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next generation automated creels

These innovative systems offer a significant return on investment compared to traditional creel constructions, thanks to their multi-level design and efficient robotic operation.


Here’s how Handsaeme’s automated creels elevate your production:

  • Reduced Labor Costs: Robots handle bobbin changes on each level within just 15-30 minutes, freeing up your operators for other tasks. You’ll only need a single operator to manage the in-feed and out-feed of complete bobbin pallets with a forklift, and to perform yarn splicing.
  • Increased Efficiency: The creel’s unique rail system allows bobbin setup and removal at a single location. Trains seamlessly move in and out of the creels, eliminating the need for multiple handling points and streamlining the workflow.
  • Simplified Automation: Robotic automation is optimized by the centralized pallet delivery and evacuation point. This reduces complexity and ensures consistent, reliable operation.
  • Space-Saving Design: The modular construction allows for easy installation within the same footprint as your existing creels. This minimizes disruption to your production layout.
  • Reduced Yarn Waste: Handsaeme’s creels are equipped with a special provision to prevent yarn runoff from bobbins, minimizing material waste and ensuring optimal production yield.


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