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Handsaeme Machinery’s custom-built, automated fastening solutions deliver increased efficiency, consistent quality, and reduced costs for bed frame production. Our 75+ years of experience translate into reliable machines tailored to your specific needs, volumes and frame designs.

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automated stapling & handling solutions for furniture production

Our fastening machines for the wooden components for the bed and furniture industry do not only automate your production, securing the wood is also much more accurate than by manual assembly. Quality is improved and your products are safe for use.

The machines are tailor-made for the customer thanks to the many possible options and complementary units for making holes by drill or mill, marking, etc. and are very easy to set up and adjust for different end products, eg. Bed slat bases with different sizes and gaps between the slats.

In addition to machinery for bed frames and slat sets, we can also design customized machines for many other applications: frames for closets, sofas, benches, seats etc

Our bed frame stapling solutions:

HM-BF-S: Entry-level option for smaller workshops and startups

HM-BF-M: Increased speed and flexibility for medium-sized operations

HM-BF-L: High-volume solution for maximum efficiency and automation

HM-BF-C: Fully customizable solution for unique bed frame designs

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