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streamline production, enhance quality

The Handsaeme Machinery range of automated fastening machines for pallet and crate applications can dramatically improve your production line, driving nails, staples, screws and gluing with unmatched accuracy and speed.

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nail with speed and precision

Move away from labour-intensive, manual nailing to consistent, efficient, high-quality pallet and crate production that meets even the most demanding designs and specifications.

Minimise material waste and keep your production line running smoothly, maximizing your output and profitability.

Enhance operator safety with automated nailing systems that minimize repetitive manual tasks and include a host of effective safe operation features, reducing the risk of work-related injuries.

wide range of solutions & options

At Handsaeme Machinery we specialise in flexible automated fastening solutions for a huge range of pallet sizes and specifications, providing clients the ability to switch their production between different pallet designs quickly and easily, no matter how complex.

Functionality and options include:

Large range of pallet or crate dimensions – our solutions can cater up to 8m in length

Quick changeover between sizes & specifications – switch between pallet and crate designs within a few minutes

Choice of manual or automated changeover settings

Optional automatic loading of wood – choose between operator-assisted or fully automated loading

Scanning & turning - detect inconsistencies in wood prior to fastening to ensure highest quality finished product

Milling – precise milling programs can be incorporated into the production process

Stacking – add stacking functionality to integrate with your packing and shipping processes

Printing – add your chosen logo, image or text to your finished pallet or crate

Compatible with any brand of fastener (loose or collated) & fastening tool



Pre-programme all pallet and crate specifications into the custom-built software, that allows for quick changeover of designs.

Select between automatic or operator-led loading of components, depending on your individual preferences and processes.

fasteners and tools

Your automated solution can be designed to integrate seamlessly with any pre-existing fastening configurations, including:

  • Coil nails
  • Strip nails
  • Loose nails
  • Staples
  • Bostitch, BeA, ITW or any other fastener tool brand


All lengths and finishes of fastener can be used with our solutions.

finished product

We understand that fastening is only part of the whole production, and have developed additional functionality that allows clients to automate the entire process, from loading individual components to the final product.

This includes:

  • Printing – add your own print up to XX cm
  • Marking – add additional codes, labels and serial numbers
  • Stacking – add stacking functionality to allow seamless integration with packing and shipping operations

Struggling to streamline your wood production process?

Let our expertise in automation engineering provide the solution you need to optimize efficiency and maximize output!

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