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We design and build (semi-) automatic machines for the processing of technical textiles. From unrolling to packing, we can provide the solution you need. We have experience with many types of technical textiles such as agro-, geo-, industrial and automotive textiles.

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post-production of technical textiles

After the production of technical textiles, several additional steps are often required to transform them into finished products. Handsaeme Machinery serves as the trusted partner in producing the specialized machines needed for these post-production processes. These machines work alongside the production equipment, enabling seamless transitions from the manufacturing phase to the finishing phase.

From cutting and shaping to sewing and packaging, Handsaeme Machinery provides a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each customer. By offering reliable and efficient auxiliary machinery, Handsaeme ensures that technical textiles are processed effectively and efficiently, ultimately delivering high-quality finished products to the market.

our solutions

end of line equipment

At the end of the production line, there is typically what is known as the ‘end of line’. This is where the final stages of production take place. The end of line is placed after processes like needlepunching, weaving, spunbonding etc. and roll it up into large mother rolls.

Additionally, this stage often includes tasks such as trimming the edges and conducting thorough inspections to ensure the quality of the product before it’s prepared for distribution or further processing.


features & specifications

  • tailor made to fit the production line in question
  • widths up to 5 m – other on demand
  • semi- or fully-automatic
  • modular set-up: separate accumulator, cutting station, winder, packing machine etc. is possible

cut-to-order lines

For certain markets of technical textiles, it’s necessary to cut them into smaller, store ready rolls. Handsaeme offers cut-to-order lines as a fully customizable solution for this task.

Starting with a mother- or jumbo roll from the end of line, the cut-to-order line unwinds the material, precisely cuts it to the desired size, rerolls it and then packs it.

With Handsaemes cut-to-order lines, effienciency and accuracy are prioritized, ensuring that the finished product is ready for distribution with minimal handling and maximum quality control.

features & specifications

  • tailor made for the product in question
  • widths up to 5 m – other on demand
  • semi- or fully automatic
  • modular set-up: from unwinders to winders and packing machines

rewinding stations

In certain situations, it becomes necessary to rewind a jumbo roll that has come from the end of line. For example to inspect, apply a finish, cut out a bad part or splice two smaller rolls to make a new jumbo roll.

To address this need, Handsaeme develops ‘Rewinding stations’, high speed lines to rewind jumbo rolls to minimize the downtime and optimize productivity.

features & specifications

  • tailor made for the product in question
  • widths up to 5 m – other on demand
  • semi- or fully-automatic
  • designed for different purposes as described above

special equipment

In addition to the standard procedures of unrolling, cutting and winding, Handsaeme als specializes in developping tailor-made solutions to meet specific customer requests.

Whether it’s customizing machinery to handle unique materials, incorporating specilized features, or optimizing the production line for particular operational needs, Handsaeme
works closely with customers to create bespoke solutions.


  • laminating
  • welding
  • folding
  • etc.

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