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Experience precise production of timber frame components, streamlining off-site modular creation of prefabricated walls, floors, and roof panels

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enhance your timber frame assembly
with automated fastening solutions

Looking to upgrade the production of timber frame components?

Our trusted solutions can help:

Increase efficiency: Faster assembly, boosting production volume.

Improve quality: Precise, secure nailing for strong, durable timber frames.

Reduce labour costs: Free up resources for other critical tasks.

Minimise waste: Accurate nailing patterns minimize material use and rework.

Enhance safety: Automate tasks to protect your workforce.

our solutions

adding value to your operations

By choosing an automated fastening solution from Handsaeme Machinery, you will benefit from many years of expertise in the timber frame sector. The team of engineers, software developers and sales consultants understand what is required to optimise timber frame component production, including:

  • Bespoke solutions – able to develop automated solutions for a wide range of timber frame applications and specifications, working with clients to ensure compliance with local regulations, laws and quality standards
  • Export drawings – Handsaeme has developed in-house software to analyse master house design files (BTL, BTLX etc), extracting relevant information to then generate accurate fastening programs
  • Range of timber frame construction elements – fastening automation can be delivered for frames, walls and roof sections

Our solutions are compatible with a range of base materials, including:

  • Sheathing – manual or automated feeding of sheathing boards
  • Uncut or pre-cut boards & panels – flexibility to handle either uncut or pre-cut components
  • Wooden or light steel framing – fastening systems are not restricted only to wooden applications, light steel frame fixing can also be included in the production process
  • Insulation insertion – many specifications of insulation can be incorporated into the assembly process of timber frame walls

Fastening options include:

  • Automatic tool & fastener changing – quick fastener changeover (e.g nails to staples) is possible, minimising downtime and maximising
    production flexibility
  • Twin fastening – multiple tools running concurrently can be specified into your automated solution
  • Electrical components – can be integrated into the fastening production process
  • Stacking – add stacking functionality to integrate with your packing and shipping processes

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