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carpet & textile

"The smooth cooperation with Handsaeme drives our efficiency"

"Working with Handsaeme has been an absolute game-changer for our company. We've invested in several carpet lines from them over the years, and each one has exceeded our expectations.
The innovative carpet corner sealing unit they've incorporated into our 5 ⭧ confection lines is really groundbreaking. Not only does this unique unit deliver impeccable quality in finishing both woven and tufted carpets, but it also offers unparalleled efficiency. With its advanced automation features, we've been able to eliminate operator costs significantly while maintaining top-notch quality.
The seamless cooperation with Handsaeme has truly transformed our production process, allowing us to deliver superior carpets to our customers consistently. We couldn't be happier with the results, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Olivier, David and the rest of the Handsaeme team for all our future equipment needs."

Uwe Kirchner - Flemish Master Weavers (USA)



HM-ROB G2: the future of automated pallet assembly

The HM-ROB G2 is an innovative machine designed for the autonomous and continuous assembly of complete pallets. This unique concept eliminates the need for labor and jigs, as the robot arm handles both the holding and fastening of parts in a single operation. Our patented solution incorporates three KUKA robots: Robot 1 performs bin picking with vision application, Robot 2 assembles the pallets and evacuates the finished product, and Robot 3 constructs the decks. The only human intervention required is to supply wood in the picking area and remove the completed pallets.

custom made

connecting production zones

Tilting machine placed in an internal transport line to rotate fiberglass building panels 180° before they are fed to the sawing machine. Our engineers had special attention for the grippers as the innovative fibre panels must not get damaged during the proces.

carpet & textile

high-end fabrics demand inspection before confection

A renowned manufacturer of luxurious flax linens has ordered 3 special inspection tables to ensure the highest quality in their products. These tables, equipped with lappers, allow for smooth fabric movement and optimal lighting during inspection. This meticulous process guarantees only the finest flax textiles are used, resulting in superior bed, kitchen, and table linens for discerning customers.


Handsaeme: Proud partner of Lespiaucq

We are once again honored that Lespiaucq has chosen us to deliver the technology that brings their beautiful prefab house designs to life!

Lespiaucq is a renowned architectural firm known for its innovative and sustainable designs. We share their passion for quality and efficiency, and we are proud to help them realize their vision.

With the help of our automated solutions, Lespiaucq can realize their designs faster and more accurately. This results in beautiful homes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable and energy-efficient.


crafting custom garden screens with speed and precision

This HM-BOT is designed for the rapid switching between configurations of different garden screens, accommodating various plank and spacer arrangements specific to the garden screen design. This advanced machine screws the variuous pattern efficiently and accurately and can be operated by one or more operators, depending on the required speed. It provides a robust solution for efficient and flexible garden screen production, ensuring high-quality, ready-for-sale panels.

custom made automation solutions by Handsaeme
custom made

stacker for cardboard tubes

Palletizer to automate the stacking and strapping of cardboard tubes in layers onto pallets across two zones, enabling operators to safely manage pallet removal while the machine continues stacking. Next to a safer working environment, the goal was to optimize the packing for efficient distribution.


complete production line for prefab and modular housing

We were asked to develop a complete production line for timber frame construction, focusing on manufacturing wall and floor elements with various workstations for insulation and sheet material. The transport between the workstations is also foreseen  and special attention is given to ergonomic design for the operators.


economical fence building

This semi-automatic solution for fast fence and garden screen production allows easy joining of wooden slats in various styles (lapped, feathered/closed or hit and miss). It is specifically designed to go all out for serial work in an economical way and this only with 1 operator.

carpet & textile

boosting car carpet quality

Inconsistent car carpet quality hindered a global automotive supplier due to manual infeed and inspection processes. We provided  them with  auxiliary tufting systems such as automated infeed units, inspection modules, and precision rollers to ensure consistent, high-quality car carpets.


fully automatic nailing and stacking solution

Upgraded to a fully automatic nailing and stacking solution, the HM-C handles pallets up to 6000 x 2500 mm with additional features like automatic infeed, six height-adjustable nailers, ink printing for labeling, a stacking robot, and changeover times under 100 seconds.

carpet & textile

fully automatical handling line for agro textile

Designed to efficiently process large mother rolls into smaller coupons or "store ready" rolls, this line features ultrasonic cutting heads for precise, fray-free cutting. With automatic rolling and pressing capabilities, alongside options for customized packing and waterproof sealing, it streamlines production from start to finish. Additional features include automatic cardboard tube dispensing, simultaneous packing of two rolls, and integration with ERP systems for seamless communication.

carpet & textile

high-capacity cutting line for turf and tuft coupons

Capable of handling mother rolls of tufted carpet and artifical grass up to 5 m wide, this versatile system allows for programmable cutting into various coupon sizes, seamlessly integrating length- and cross cuttingwise into a single machine cycle. The line was configurated for the specific needs of our customer and his production area regarding infeed, unrolling, rolling, packaging, and export to the warehouse.


HM-BOT revolutionizes bed frame production

This HM-BOT revolutionizes bed frame production with its mobile bridge equipped with tools, seamlessly moving across multiple workstations. Operators can reload products while stapling occurs at other stations, maximizing efficiency. Featuring up to 4 workstations of 2.5m each, its high-capacity tools minimize load time, with additional attention given to preserving frame shape through cylinder attachments for optimal shaping.

custom made

sanding wooden plates and cutting into form in 1 line

Transforming raw wood sheets into flawless panels under supervision of 1 operator for quality control. Handsaeme was responsible for the transit transport between the various machines and took care of the integration of the whole.


continuous assembly and evacuation of pallets

This HM-C coordinates the flawless assembly of 4-entry pallets in a continuous production process, while the robot unloads and stacks and nests the pallets according the preset program.

carpet & textile

productivity surge & less back complaints thanks to the HM Easycut

This professional unrolling, cutting, and rolling unit is especially designed for both retail and professional use. Our solution for semi-automatic processing of artificial turf is an economical alternative suitable for wholesalers or those with low production capacities. With ergonomic benefits for operators and the ability to be operated by a single person, it offers great flexibility and efficiency.


semi-automatic production of shed panels

This solution was designed with the dual purpose of easing the workload of our customers' operators, while also ensuring a consistent, machine-made fixation pattern for aesthetically pleasing garden elements, maintaining uniformity and quality.

custom made

bricklaying robot builds houses faster than humans

Automated system for classic house building elimines the need for scaffolding as the robot effortlessly places the bricks for both inner and outer walls up to 6m high. Our robot precisely handles mason bricks according to a pre-set program, minimizing physical strain on operators and cutting significantly in construction time.


empowering Hermans Hout & Habitat's growth

We are proud to support HERMANS HOUT & HABITAT’s strategic growth, providing state-of-the-art capital equipment machinery, that delivers more precision & efficiency, less waste and is time saving for the timber frame housing market 🛠 🏠

custom made

assembly station for awnings

We optimised the awning production for our customer with our automated assembly and inspection table. With manual assembly at the front and automatic inspection at the back, our machine ensures efficiency and precision, but foremost the operators are releaved from heavy lifting.


"pick and mix" bed frames: new machine enables efficient sub-assembly

An automated stapling machine is helping a bed frame manufacturer increase production and flexibility. This machine allows for efficient production of sub-assembled bed frames, meeting the growing demand for "pick and mix" style orders with various configurations. The machine's remote programming capabilities ensure precise adjustments and optimal performance, ultimately leading to high-quality bed slates.

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