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Cutting, packing and palletizing line for woven agro textiles

Machine that makes “store-ready” rolls of polyprop woven textile. 

The mother rolls of the material are unrolled and then cut in length with ultrasonic cutting heads fast and without raffles. While the fabric is rolled, it is pressed by a pressure roll to create hard rolled end rolls around automatically inserted tubes. Then the rolls are cut to size and packed, if desired with a paper insert. To close the plastic around the roll,  a flat seal in combination with longitudinal tape guarantees waterproof packed rolls. An automatic stacking station completes the finishing line.

Product specifications

  • Full automatic rolling, cutting and packing machine
  • Automatic cardboard tube dispenser that also cuts the tubes on length
  • 2 rolls at the same time can be packed considering max width of the packing zone
  • Automatic strapping system for the stapled rolls
  • Communication with ERP system (by Ethernet)





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