Once again, Lespiaucq chooses Handsaeme: Building the future of prefab housing together!

Continued Collaboration in Prefabricated Housing

We are pleased to announce the continuation of our partnership with Lespiaucq, a renowned architectural firm recognized for its innovative and sustainable designs. Lespiaucq has chosen Handsaeme once again to provide the technology required to realize their exceptional prefab house concepts.


This ongoing collaboration reflects our shared dedication to quality, efficiency, and achieving visionary designs. Through the utilization of our automated solutions, Lespiaucq can translate their architectural plans into tangible realities with increased speed and precision. This collaborative effort leads to the creation of aesthetically pleasing homes that also prioritize sustainability and energy efficiency.

By working together, we contribute to shaping the future of the prefabricated housing industry, fostering a future characterized by streamlined processes, unwavering quality, and a commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

Thank you Eric Lespiaucq for once again choosing Handsaeme to deliver the technology to bring your beautiful prefab house designs to life! 🏠 🤝