Transforming Pallet Production:
Automated Precision with the HM-ROB G2

Traditional Challenges

Conventional pallet production relies on jigs, which are essentially molds that hold wooden parts in place during assembly. This process requires operators to position the parts within the jigs, introducing a labor cost and potential inconsistency. Additionally, changing between different pallet designs necessitates switching jigs, leading to downtime.

The HM-ROB G2 Difference

The HM-ROB G2 takes a revolutionary approach. By employing robots programmed for both holding and joining wooden parts, jigs become obsolete. This single-step process enhances precision and streamlines production.


A Time-Winning Solution

Our primary objective with the HM-ROB G2 was to minimize changeover time and enable 24/7 continuous production. By no longer working with jigs, the machine can easily assemble products of various dimensions consecutively without the need for mold changes. This flexibility significantly reduces downtime and boosts efficiency.

The result? Higher quality and accuracy with accepted tolerances, and the only human intervention required is to provide the wood.

Benefits of Jig-Free Automation

1- Reduced Labor Costs: The HM-ROB G2 operates entirely without human intervention beyond supplying wood and removing finished pallets. This translates to significant labor cost savings.

2- Faster Changeovers: Since jigs are no longer required, switching between pallet designs is a breeze. The system automatically adjusts to new dimensions, minimizing downtime.

3- Continuous Production: The HM-ROB G2 is designed for 24/7 operation, maximizing production output.

4- Improved Quality: The single-step process of holding and joining parts minimizes movement and ensures consistent, high-quality pallets.

Automatic Tool Changing for Seamless Operation

The HM-ROB G2 features robots equipped with automatic tool changers. This allows for continuous nailing while other tools are automatically reloaded, ensuring a smooth workflow.


The entire system is designed for ease of use and efficiency: the HM-ROB G2 represents the future of automated assembly, combining cutting-edge robotics with intelligent design to deliver unmatched performance and reliability in pallet production.


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