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We design and build machines for the processing of full-width broadloom tufted and woven carpet. From auxiliary equipment for tufting to packing machines for big size motherrolls, we can provide the solution you need.

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solutions for the wall to wall carpet industry

Handsaeme creates machinery for the broadloom industry. Broadloom refers to carpet, mostly tufted, that is left at its full width, also called wall-to-wall carpet. This full-width format can create some operational difficulties, such as handling large and heavy rolls, ensuring consistent quality across the entire width, and efficiently processing and finishing the expensive material.

To address these challenges, Handsaeme develops specialized machinery designed to manage the unique demands of broadloom carpet production, ensuring smooth operations and high-quality output.



The first step in tufting, whether for carpet or turf, is creeling. A system designed to feed yarn into the tufting machine.

It is crcual that the yarn is fed with constant tension to ensure a high-quality product and prevent yarn breakage. Proper tension control is essential for maintaining the concistency of the tufted material, ulimatly contributing to the overall quality of the finished product.

features & specifications

  • available for every width and gauge of tufting machine
  • tailor-made to fit the available space
  • one or two levels
  • from classic creels to automated creels fed by robot

auxiliary equipment for tufting

In addition to the tufting machine itself, specific equipment is required for the tufting process. These are often referred to as auxiliairy or ancillary machines.

Handsaeme develops these these machines to ensure the quality of the tufted product. Since tufting is one of the initial steps in production,
having reliable auxiliairy machinery is crucial for maintaining the consistent quality of the carpet or turf throughout the manufacturing process. This attention to detail from the outset helps guarantee the durability and excellence of the final product.


  • primary backing unwinders
  • inspection/mending frames
  • winders
  • plaiters

in- and outfeed systems

Handsaeme designs and manufactures in-feed and out-feed systems specifically for managing wall-to-wall carpet at various stages of the client’s production process.

These systems are essential for seamlessly feeding the carpet into production machines and extracting it after processing.

For example, for: backcoating, shearing and inspecting lines.

features & specifications

  • useful with: 4,2 m or 5,2 m (other on demand)
  • semi- or fully automatic
  • tailor made to fit the customers production line

handling & warehousing

Handling and warehousing large, heavy broadloom rolls is a challenging task due to their size and weight. To streamline this process, Handsaeme develops specialized solutions designed to manage these difficulties efficiently.

Our innovative equipment and systems facilitate the safe and effective handling, transportation, and storage of broadloom rolls, ensuring smooth operations and reducing the risk of damage or injury. By addressing these specific challenges, Handsaeme helps optimize the logistics and warehousing of broadloom carpets, enhancing overall productivity and safety.


  • conveyor lines
  • sorting stations
  • etc. …

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