Handsaeme Machinery - Machines for wooden garden furniture, sheds & fences

Handsaeme Machinery Garden

Nailing, stapling or screwing wooden garden products

Your machine can be specifically designed to go all out for serial work and speed (e.g. production of garden screens, fencing and sheds) or focus on facilitating a flexible production process (e.g. for making custom terraces or pool houses).

The wooden components can be nailed, stapled and screwed. Entering the wood and operating the machines can be done manually by the operators, with the safety of the operators always being paramount. If you want more automation, we also make fully automatic machines with computer control. A machinemade fixation pattern will always be the same, which ensures an aesthetic result for garden elements.




Benefits Machines for wooden garden furniture, sheds & fences

  • Different fasteners: nails, staples or screws
  • Optimization of your production process
  • Focus on aesthetics of the mounting patterns