Handsaeme Machinery - Pallet production machine - automatical pallet assembly line

Handsaeme Machinery Pallets

Machines for making pallet parts and/or complete pallet assembly

Our pallet solutions ensure your pallet production is optimized by focussing on speed, return on investment and safety of the oprators. Depending on the production size and desired degree or automation, the most optimal machine is designed for you.

Weather you make two-way pallets, four-way pallets, beam pallets, etc. We offer you a fast and safe machine. Also for the prodcution of pallet components  (eg. bridges and decks) we can offer automated solutions.

In addition to provide the basic tools to make the pallet (parts), we can also expand the machines with various extra tools for automation of sawing, milling, drilling, marking and stacking.


➠ Discover the machines that will optimize your palletproduction:

Benefits Machines for pallets

  • Semi or fully automatic production of pallets
  • The same machine for different pallet types
  • Possibilities for even further automation