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Our cut to order line for broadloom and turf carpet coupons focusses on efficiency, precision and flexibility

Our cutting-edge carpet coupon cutting line

We are thrilled to show you our state-of-the-art line designed for cutting and rolling carpet coupons directly in a stock warehouse. This fully automated system boasts a 5.2-meter useful width and requires only a single operator, streamlining your operations and boosting efficiency. With our machine, you can produce both jumbo rolls and smaller rolls cut to size, ready for installation, meeting the specific needs of your customers.

The ultimate solution for contract orders

This line is the perfect solution for processing orders swiftly and efficiently. Whether you are dealing with broadloom carpet or artificial grass, this system is ideal for contractors who need custom-sized wall-to-wall carpet or turf for various applications such as apartment buildings, hotels, casino’s, cruise ships and sport/leisure infrastructure.

Precision and flexibility at its best

Our system features edge guiding, ensuring straight rolls every time. Another significant feature is the tube cutter. It allows you to use a single type of tube that can be cut to order specifications, simplifying your inventory management and reducing costs.
Designed to be versatile and flexible, this machine is not only perfect for b2b applications but can also be an excellent fit for large wholesalers in the b2c market, efficiently processing orders to meet diverse customer demands.

Seamless integration with your ERP


One of the standout features of our machine line is its ability to connect with your erp system. Like that orders can be processed directly and paperless from your online webshop. This connectivity allows for fast and efficient order processing and sorting the output coupons according specific requirements, whether it’s organizing orders by building, truck, or any other criteria your customer wants. Additionally, the ERP integration enables accurate stock keeping and inventory tracking. The remainder of the roll is re-rolled and brought back to the warehouse, ensuring nothing goes to waste and stock levels are updated directly.

Tailor-made for your space

We understand that each warehouse is unique, which is why our machine is tailor-made to fit the building of our customer. This adaptability makes it a worthwhile investment for smaller warehouses as well, ensuring you stay ahead of trends in broadloom manufacturing.


Investing in our cutting and rolling machine line means embracing efficiency, precision, and flexibility. Whether you’re a broadloom carpet manufacturer or a large wholesaler, our solution is designed to meet your needs and exceed expectations.

Transform your operations and delight your customers with top-quality, custom-sized carpet coupons ready for installation.

carpet & textile

next generation automated creels

These innovative systems offer a significant return on investment compared to traditional creel constructions, thanks to their multi-level design and efficient robotic operation.


Here’s how Handsaeme’s automated creels elevate your production:

  • Reduced Labor Costs: Robots handle bobbin changes on each level within just 15-30 minutes, freeing up your operators for other tasks. You’ll only need a single operator to manage the in-feed and out-feed of complete bobbin pallets with a forklift, and to perform yarn splicing.
  • Increased Efficiency: The creel’s unique rail system allows bobbin setup and removal at a single location. Trains seamlessly move in and out of the creels, eliminating the need for multiple handling points and streamlining the workflow.
  • Simplified Automation: Robotic automation is optimized by the centralized pallet delivery and evacuation point. This reduces complexity and ensures consistent, reliable operation.
  • Space-Saving Design: The modular construction allows for easy installation within the same footprint as your existing creels. This minimizes disruption to your production layout.
  • Reduced Yarn Waste: Handsaeme’s creels are equipped with a special provision to prevent yarn runoff from bobbins, minimizing material waste and ensuring optimal production yield.


Contact us today to learn more about how our automated creels can revolutionize your tufted carpet and artificial grass production!




carpet & textile

Visit our booth at Techtextil between 23-26 April!

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Find us at the UK's only dedicated flooring event, The Flooring Show (HCC, Harrogate)
---- hall Q stand K20 ----

Thrilled to announce our third-year partnership renewal with KUKA, a testament to our commitment to excellence in automation. Here's to another year of innovation and success together! 🚀

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Introducing the HM Easycut: Revolutionizing Artificial Turf Couponing for Garden Professionals

Navigating the world of artificial turf comes with its own set of challenges, particularly when it comes to handling and distributing rolls of varying lengths and diameters. Recognizing the need for a solution that streamlines the coupon production process, our team of experts had developed the HM Easycut E1. This professional-grade couponing machine is tailored to meet the needs of garden professionals, distribution centers, and landscaping companies, offering unparalleled efficiency and ease of use.

Understanding the Relationship Between Length and Diameter

The length of artificial turf rolls varies, typically ranging from 20 to 25 meters. This directly impacts the maximum diameter of the final roll, a crucial factor for easy transportation and installation. The HM Easycut machine is standard equipped with a cross-cutting blade to cut the carpet at length directly from the mother roll.

Efficient Cutting and Rolling Capabilities


Optionally equipped with a longitudinal cutting part, the HM Easycut E1 effortlessly transforms 4.2m (or 5.2m) wide mother rolls into narrower, easily manageable strips. Additionally, its advanced rolling module comes with pre-programmed recipes to compensate for carpet pile working, ensuring the creation of compact and ready-to-sell rolls.

From cutting to rolling, this innovative machine simplifies every step of the process, empowering garden professionals to deliver high-quality results with ease so they can optimize their operations and enhance their productivity like never before. Say goodbye to heavy rolls and cumbersome handling!

Ready to revolutionize your turf coupon production too?

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Other news

Find us at the UK's only dedicated flooring event, The Flooring Show (HCC, Harrogate)
---- hall Q stand K20 ----

Thrilled to announce our third-year partnership renewal with KUKA, a testament to our commitment to excellence in automation. Here's to another year of innovation and success together! 🚀

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