Handsaeme Machinery - 5 advantages of automated modular construction

5 Advantages of automated modular construction


Modular construction is booming

It is well known that new technology and new ways of working make business and industry more efficient and effective over time. As the need to build more houses grows by the day, many house building companies start embracing technology for innovative construction methods. One sector within the home building industry where innovation is on the rise, is the offsite construction of prefab panels.
We design solutions and build machines for businesses that want to produce frames and panels, either timber or metal, for the modular construction sector. By automating the production process in a controlled factory environment, it is made lean where possible, thus the more production speed and efficiency can soar.

Advantages for your company

By replacing the formerly hand laboured parts of the panel making process with machining operations, we see many advantages creating possibilities also for even small house building companies to produce timber framed houses on a larger or even industrial scale:

  • Production of more houses in less time;
  • Quality standards are lifted significantly;
  • Ergonomics for the operators are improved, which is not only important for the operators health but also creates a safer working environment;
  • The prefab panels are custom made for each house, by converting the data from the 3D-drawings to automated patterns for nailing, screwing, sewing, milling, etc. yet the benefits of scaled production come in to place;
  • As a whole, all of the above benefits will reduce costs.

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5 Advantages of automated  modular construction