pallets & crates

streamline production, enhance quality

The Handsaeme Machinery range of automated fastening machines for pallet and crate applications can dramatically improve your production line, driving nails, staples, screws and gluing with unmatched accuracy and speed.

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nail with speed and precision

Move away from labour-intensive, manual nailing to consistent, efficient, high-quality pallet and crate production that meets even the most demanding designs and specifications.

Minimise material waste and keep your production line running smoothly, maximizing your output and profitability.

Enhance operator safety with automated nailing systems that minimize repetitive manual tasks and include a host of effective safe operation features, reducing the risk of work-related injuries.

wide range of solutions & options

At Handsaeme Machinery we specialise in flexible automated fastening solutions for a huge range of pallet sizes and specifications, providing clients the ability to switch their production between different pallet designs quickly and easily, no matter how complex.

Functionality and options include:

Large range of pallet or crate dimensions – our solutions can cater up to 8m in length

Quick changeover between sizes & specifications – switch between pallet and crate designs within a few minutes

Choice of manual or automated changeover settings

Optional automatic loading of wood – choose between operator-assisted or fully automated loading

Scanning & turning - detect inconsistencies in wood prior to fastening to ensure highest quality finished product

Milling – precise milling programs can be incorporated into the production process

Stacking – add stacking functionality to integrate with your packing and shipping processes

Printing – add your chosen logo, image or text to your finished pallet or crate

Compatible with any brand of fastener (loose or collated) & fastening tool



Pre-programme all pallet and crate specifications into the custom-built software, that allows for quick changeover of designs.

Select between automatic or operator-led loading of components, depending on your individual preferences and processes.

fasteners and tools

Your automated solution can be designed to integrate seamlessly with any pre-existing fastening configurations, including:

  • Coil nails
  • Strip nails
  • Loose nails
  • Staples
  • Bostitch, BeA, ITW or any other fastener tool brand


All lengths and finishes of fastener can be used with our solutions.

finished product

We understand that fastening is only part of the whole production, and have developed additional functionality that allows clients to automate the entire process, from loading individual components to the final product.

This includes:

  • Printing – add your own print up to XX cm
  • Marking – add additional codes, labels and serial numbers
  • Stacking – add stacking functionality to allow seamless integration with packing and shipping operations

Struggling to streamline your wood production process?

Let our expertise in automation engineering provide the solution you need to optimize efficiency and maximize output!

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timber frames

Experience precise production of timber frame components, streamlining off-site modular creation of prefabricated walls, floors, and roof panels

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enhance your timber frame assembly
with automated fastening solutions

Looking to upgrade the production of timber frame components?

Our trusted solutions can help:

Increase efficiency: Faster assembly, boosting production volume.

Improve quality: Precise, secure nailing for strong, durable timber frames.

Reduce labour costs: Free up resources for other critical tasks.

Minimise waste: Accurate nailing patterns minimize material use and rework.

Enhance safety: Automate tasks to protect your workforce.

our solutions

adding value to your operations

By choosing an automated fastening solution from Handsaeme Machinery, you will benefit from many years of expertise in the timber frame sector. The team of engineers, software developers and sales consultants understand what is required to optimise timber frame component production, including:

  • Bespoke solutions – able to develop automated solutions for a wide range of timber frame applications and specifications, working with clients to ensure compliance with local regulations, laws and quality standards
  • Export drawings – Handsaeme has developed in-house software to analyse master house design files (BTL, BTLX etc), extracting relevant information to then generate accurate fastening programs
  • Range of timber frame construction elements – fastening automation can be delivered for frames, walls and roof sections

Our solutions are compatible with a range of base materials, including:

  • Sheathing – manual or automated feeding of sheathing boards
  • Uncut or pre-cut boards & panels – flexibility to handle either uncut or pre-cut components
  • Wooden or light steel framing – fastening systems are not restricted only to wooden applications, light steel frame fixing can also be included in the production process
  • Insulation insertion – many specifications of insulation can be incorporated into the assembly process of timber frame walls

Fastening options include:

  • Automatic tool & fastener changing – quick fastener changeover (e.g nails to staples) is possible, minimising downtime and maximising
    production flexibility
  • Twin fastening – multiple tools running concurrently can be specified into your automated solution
  • Electrical components – can be integrated into the fastening production process
  • Stacking – add stacking functionality to integrate with your packing and shipping processes

Struggling to streamline your production process?

Let our expertise in automation engineering provide the solution you need to optimize efficiency and maximize output!

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shed & fence

From fences to shed panels, manufacturing components for garden products with ease. Our versatile fastening machines tackle a variety of wood projects with speed and precision.

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streamline fence and shed panel production with Handsaeme's automated solutions

Are you a fencing or shed panel manufacturer seeking to improve your production, with reduced reliance on labour? Look no further than Handsaeme Machinery, your trusted partner for cutting-edge automated fastening solutions.

Say goodbye to manual assembly’s slow pace and inconsistencies and embrace the efficiency and quality that our innovative machines deliver.

Fastener placement and insertion is delivered to new levels of accuracy, producing a high quality and visually flawless finished product. Our automated solutions have the flexibility to cater for different types of fence and shed panels used across different regions and market, such as feather edge, hit and miss, slatted and many more.

our automated fencing and shed panel solutions:

HM-FENCE: the economical choice for semi-automatic production of fencing and garden screens.

HM-PAN: efficiently produce flat or rounded cladding panels for sheds and other garden structures.

HM-H & HM-W: flexible solutions for diverse fencing and shed panel needs, offering interchangeable drawers and ergonomic designs.

HM-ROBOT: unleash high-volume production with our fully automated, continuous-feed solution.



Add our optional turning accessory to the main production, removing yet another traditionally operator-lead process.


Can be added to any of our main machines, for automatic stacking of the finished items next to the machine.


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Streamline Production, Enhance Quality

Handsaeme Machinery’s custom-built, automated fastening solutions deliver increased efficiency, consistent quality, and reduced costs for bed frame production. Our 75+ years of experience translate into reliable machines tailored to your specific needs, volumes and frame designs.

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automated stapling & handling solutions for furniture production

Our fastening machines for the wooden components for the bed and furniture industry do not only automate your production, securing the wood is also much more accurate than by manual assembly. Quality is improved and your products are safe for use.

The machines are tailor-made for the customer thanks to the many possible options and complementary units for making holes by drill or mill, marking, etc. and are very easy to set up and adjust for different end products, eg. Bed slat bases with different sizes and gaps between the slats.

In addition to machinery for bed frames and slat sets, we can also design customized machines for many other applications: frames for closets, sofas, benches, seats etc

Our bed frame stapling solutions:

HM-BF-S: Entry-level option for smaller workshops and startups

HM-BF-M: Increased speed and flexibility for medium-sized operations

HM-BF-L: High-volume solution for maximum efficiency and automation

HM-BF-C: Fully customizable solution for unique bed frame designs

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carpet & textile

artificial turf

We design and build (semi-) automatic machinery for the processing and handling of artificial turf. From unrolling to packing and sorting, we can provide the solution you need.

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handling and processing synthetic grass

Handsaeme develops machinery for the production of artifical turf. Although artificial grass is produced using the same tufting process as carpets, handling and processing it is significanlty different.

The turf’s pile contruction makes it much more challenging to manage. To adress these unique challenges, we developed machinery tailored specifically for the turf industry, streamlining your production and ensuringefficient, high-quality results.

Our product range spans from classic creels used before tufting to fully automatic cut-to order lines designed to create store-ready rolls.This comprehensive selection ensures that every stage of your production process, from the initial setup to the final packaging, is optimized for efficiency and quality.



The first step in tufting, whether for carpet or turf, is creeling. A system designed to feed yarn into the tufting machine.

It is crucial that the yarn is fed with constant tension to ensure a high-quality product and prevent yarn breakage. Proper tension control is essential for maintaining the concistency of the tufted material, ulimatly contributing to the overall quality of the finished product.


  • available for every width and gauge of tufting machine
  • tailor-made to fit the available space – one or two levels
  • from classic creels to fully automated creels fed by robot
  • automatic creels with loading by robot and automatic moving trolley

auxiliary tufting equipment

In addition to the tufting machine itself, specific equipment is required for the tufting process. These are often referred to as auxiliairy or ancillary machines.

Handsaeme develops these these machines to ensure the quality of the tufted product. Since tufting is one of the initial steps in production,
having reliable auxiliairy machinery is crucial for maintaining the consistent quality of the carpet or turf throughout the manufacturing process.

This attention to detail from the outset helps guarantee the durability and excellence of the final product.


  • primary backing unwinders
  • inspection/mending frames
  • winders
  • plaiters

HM Easycut

The ‘HM Easycut’ is a user-friendly, semi-automatic cut-to-order machine designed specifically for the cutting and rerolling of turf.

Its intuitive interface and semi-automated features make it easy to use even for operators with minimal experience.

This machine is an ideal solution for businesses looking to enhance their turf cutting capabilities while maintaining simplicity and ease of operation.

features & specifications

  • available widths: 2,2 – 4,2 or 5,2 m
  • unrolling up to Ø 800 mm – rerolling up to Ø 600 mm
  • easy to operate with HMI and physical buttons
  • various available options

cut-to-order lines

For factories aiming to produce small, store-ready rolls, a cut-to-order line is an indispensable asset.

These machine handle the entire process seamlessly: They unroll the material, cut it to the desired size, reroll it and even pack it. All at an impresive speed of up to 3 rolls per minute.

Modular and fully customizable, these machines are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer

features & specifications

  • useful width: 2,2 – 4,2 or 5,2 m
  • modular
  • cutting length- and or crosswise in one cycle
  • configured to the needs of the customer

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