Handsaeme Machinery - Inspection machine for a visual inspection of the carpet

Handsaeme Machinery Inspection

Inspection tables are used to visually inspect the carpet and, if necessary, to repair errors before it is further processed. This is mainly used for tufted carpet, artificial grass carpet and axminster woven carpet.

Our inspection tables can have up to 3 compensation rolls and are also surrounded by a walking floor with tubular lighting for the operator. The balancing rolls make sure the tufting machine can keep working continuously while the operator stops for a repairment. After the carpet has been checked, the carpet is rolled up again. The operation of the machine is done by the operator by moving his foot before a sensor so he has his hands free for checking and repairing the carpet.

Here, too, there are various possible extensions of the machine possible, eg. to follow the speed of the tufting machine, or to add a steam tank to open up the carpet pile.

Benefits inspection tables

  • Check the carpet for quality and repair possible faults
  • Horizontal, vertical or diagonal inspection plates possible
  • For tufted carpet, artificial grass carpet and also axminster woven carpet