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Handsaeme Machinery Cutting

Handsaeme cutting machines for industrial carpet production

Our cutting machines for industrial carpet production cut carpets to the desired dimensions before being further finished. Our cutting solutions are suitable for various materials:

The technology of cutting is adjusted according to the material to be cut. This way we guarantee the best result and the highest return.

  • Different cutting techniques: pressure cutting (punching), single cutting, scissor cutting, ultrasonic cutting, laser cutting or digital cutting with rotary blade
  • Round cutting blades for various carpet types and qualities
  • Die-cutting for carpet tiles, steel, leather, …

Camera and laser detection of cutting lines for printed carpets and fabrics

Depending on the type of carpet, high or low pile, type of backing, dark or light design, our range contains different detection systems to determine where exactly the material should be cut: by following the sides, with pile sensor, by color camera of following a laser line, contrasting color or fluo line.  Each detection system is foreseen with an automatic machine stop when the parameters are not followed.

Benefits cutting machines

  • Accurate cutting of different materials through adapted detection system
  • Fast cutting with consistent quality
  • Higher production through efficient cutting automation