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Digital cutting or cutting by laserbeam


Did you know you can contact us about laser or digital cutting systems for carpets or (technical) textiles?

The cutting technique used is decisive for the appearance and the quality of the fabric and also determines whether further finishing is required. Our classic cutting systems are especially suitable for the industrial processing of carpets and technical fabrics, e.g. when the edges need to be finished afterwards.

Immediately finished product

Extra edge finishing, however, is not always necessary or desirable. For example, for the production of carpet tiles or mats, also in round shapes, and for fabrics where no fraying is allowed after cutting. In addition to the advantage that the cut items are immediately finished, materials can also be cut in several layers on top of each other.

In order to meet these market requirements, we have now expanded our range with laser and digital cutting machines, which are also suitable for a very wide range of materials and fabrics.


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Digital cutting or cutting by laserbeam